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Rachelle Gordon


Rachelle Gordon

Rachelle Gordon, partner in the Women in Cannabis Study, is a cannabis and psychedelics journalist, copywriter, and co-founder of Dank Words. She has been featured in several leading industry publications and outlets including High Times, CannabisNow, Skunk, MG, Cannabis & Tech Today, DoubleBlind, and many others. She is also the resident cannabis writer at Boveda, makers of the Original Terpene ShieldTM.

Rachelle discovered plant medicine at a young age but didn’t realize its true potential until many years later. A stint as an au pair outside of Amsterdam solidified her passion for these compounds and she returned to America with a newfound respect and adoration for the culture itself. After meeting several patient advocates who had found success with medical cannabis during the early stages of her writing career, Rachelle found that raising awareness was her true destiny.

“My father struggled with many health issues, including epilepsy and a debilitating stroke when I was a little girl,” Rachelle recalled. “I am convinced that medical cannabis could have saved his life, and while it was too late for him, there are so many people who could thrive if they only knew about this plant. That is why I have dedicated myself to getting accurate and accessible information about plant medicine out into the world.”

She joined the Women in Cannabis Study as a partner in 2020, and is thrilled and humbled to tell the dynamic and inspiring stories the research cultivated. Rachelle’s previous coverage on the unique and often challenging environment for women in the industry left her wanting to do more to create an equitable and inclusive vertical.

“Up until now, writing about the women in cannabis created a lot of questions, but not enough answers. I believe the Women in Cannabis Study will make a lasting impact and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.”

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