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The Women in Cannabis Study Report


Explore the introduction of the Women in Cannabis Study. Delve into the Author's Note by Jennifer Whetzel and Foreward by Rachelle Gordon, highlighting the power of storytelling and the urgent need for data on gender equity in the industry. This study is a response to systemic barriers and a call for authentic representation.


The study utilized a mixed-methods approach, including a quantitative survey, qualitative interviews, and video interviews with industry insiders. Download this chapter to learn more about the methodology.

Who are the Women in Cannabis?

The cannabis community is filled with unique voices, representing a wide array of demographics.This section highlights the makeup of the people surveyed for this report. We asked about people’s identities, home lives, education, and more.

Which Roles Do They Play?

The career paths of the women in cannabis are as diverse as the people themselves. This section dives deeper into what the women in cannabis do for work and where they are in their journeys.

Why Work in Cannabis?

One of the most interesting aspects of this study was learning about what drove participants to enter the cannabis space. This section explores how the women in cannabis got to where they are today and what they hope to achieve through their work.

What is their Relationship with Cannabis?

Knowing most study participants have a passion for the plant, we wanted to find out just what that looks like. This section examines how the women in cannabis interact with the plant and to what degree. The multitude of reasons behind why they consume cannabis are indicative of a deeper understanding of its benefits, at least among Industry Insiders.

What are the Barriers to Success?

This section discusses the countless challenges facing the women in cannabis, offering an honest and oftentimes heart-wrenching glimpse into the darkness that exists in our space. We hope the information presented will be a catalyst for change within the industry and open readers’ eyes to how we can do better. 

What Else Holds Women Back?

In addition to the laundry list of barriers to entry, women in cannabis fight many other obstacles on their paths to success. This section looks at the some of the less visible challenges facing the women in cannabis, such as nearly universal self-esteem struggles, illustrating a shared experienced among women in cannabis that we may not realize. No matter how things may appear on the outside, we are all dealing with something.

BIPOC Women in Cannabis

This section highlights the amplified challenges BIPOC women face in the cannabis industry, stemming from racial discrimination, limited opportunities, and the lingering effects of the 'War on Drugs'. Their struggles reflect broader systemic issues. However, the industry stands at a crossroads, with the chance to embrace restorative justice, rectify past wrongs, and champion inclusivity and support for marginalized communities.

LGBTQIA+ in Cannabis

The number of LGBTQIA+ respondents to the Women in Cannabis Study was remarkable, but the unique challenges facing those in this community can be especially daunting. This chapter explores those challenges.

How Women Define Success

Despite women in cannabis facing so many unique challenges, most study participants considered themselves to be successful. This section showcases the abundance enjoyed by the women in cannabis and exactly what matters most in their lives. We think you’ll be uplifted by the personal examples penned by study participants and may perhaps even be inspired to consider your own measures of success.

We Have the Data - Now What?

Now that we have the data, how can we move forward? Creating a more inclusive and equitable industry will require introspection, self-reflection, education, personal responsibility, active allyship, systemic changes and BIG ideas.

Leveraging the Data

The Women in Cannabis Study has collected a significant amount of insight about the women working in the industry. This section provides an overview of the available data.

Profiles of Women in Cannabis

The study's tagline, "A Living History," captures a powerful narrative often overlooked: the pivotal role of women in shaping the cannabis industry. Dive in to discover over 100 inspiring profiles of women who are not just making a mark, but rewriting history in the world of cannabis.


This section pays homage to the dedicated contributors of this report. Their invaluable input, achieved through significant time and resources, was generously given without any financial incentive. Their commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding is a testament to their passion for the subject and the broader cannabis community.

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